Rules and Etiquette

It is the responsibility of each South Bend Country Club member to know the rules and procedures of the Club; however, the Golf Shop Staff is ready to assist you should there be any questions.


The South Bend Country Club follows a traditional golf dress code for members and their guests of all ages that applies to the Clubhouse, golf course, and practice areas. Clothing considered acceptable includes slacks, golf skirts, Bermuda-length shorts, foul weather suites, shirts with collars/mock necks, and jewel neck shirts for the ladies. If in doubt, please error on the conservative side to avoid improper dress. The Golf Staff is happy to assist you or your guest with any apparel purchases prior to you round. Clothing considered unacceptable includes T-Shirts, tank tops, numerical sports jerseys, jeans, bicycle/running shorts, swimming trunks, sweat suits, and cargo shorts. Please keep your shirt tucked in and headgear worn "bill forward" when on club property. We would also like to encourage you and your guests to avoid changing your shoes in the parking lot and utilize our locker room facilities. It is the member's responsibility to see that their guests adhere to the Dress Code and all other policies while using the Club's facilities.


The South Bend Country Club has been a member of the United States Golf Association since 1916; therefore, the USGA Rules of Golf apply at all times unless the Golf Committee posts a local rule. Only under extreme conditions will “preferred lies” be allowed. It is each member’s responsibility to become familiar with the USGA Rules of Golf.


All adjusted scores must be posted in the handicap computers to assure your proper handicap. Scores from other courses should be posted as well. All golfers must have a current handicap to play in Club tournaments. Current handicaps will be computed/updated daily.  All scores posted for your handicap are to be adjusted according to the USGA Net Double Bogey Max policy.  If you are out of a hole, please pick up and record your adjusted score. There is no limit to the number of holes that a player may adjust.


As you know, golf courses are very susceptible to lightning strikes. When thunderstorms are approaching the Golf Staff will sound a siren to alert all golfers to immediately seek shelter. Please keep in mind we have shelters on the front and back nines of the golf course. Also, the golf staff will try to give walkers advance warning of storms in the area and offer to shuttle them back to the Clubhouse. Please do your part and take the warning seriously! As soon as you hear the siren, the Club requires that you evacuate the course immediately. The Golf Staff will inform you as to when you may resume play and any change in course conditions. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.


The South Bend Country Club enjoys a fine reputation for the condition of its golf course. Certain course maintenance practices are the responsibility of each member and include the following:

  • Repair all divots by replacing turf (preferred) or using divot mix from the cart.
  • Repair ball mark damage to the green.
  • Rake bunkers and leave the rake inside the bunker parallel to the fairway.
  • Take relief from staked trees and shrubs.
  • Obey all daily cart rules and restrictions.
  • Avoid damaging the course when taking practice swings.
  • South Bend is a non-metal spike facility.

The active participation of every member is required to keep our course in top condition. Our Locker Room Manager and Golf Shop Staff are prepared to assist you or your guests in changing your spikes prior to play.


For the enjoyment of our players, we all need to be conscious of the speed of play. A sign at the “Old Course” at St. Andrews states most succinctly, “Your position on the golf course is immediately behind the group in front of you — not immediately in front of the group behind you.” Under normal conditions, each round should be played in four (4) hours or less. The following are helpful hints to speed up play:

  • Be ready to play when it is your turn.
  • Line up putts while others are putting.
  • Pick up if you are out of the hole.
  • Park carts beyond the green to avoid delays upon completion of the hole.
  • If there is a possibility of a lost ball or out of bounds, play a provisional ball.
  • Be aware of your place on the course at all times.