This winter we have been working on tree removal as we always do this time of year.  We have been trimming the trees around the course in need of that while removing the dead, dying or unwanted trees on the property as well.  This past season we had numerous trees on the property which were becoming very dangerous to both the members and the staff because of falling branches and how great the risk was to fall on someone.  Unfortunately we actually had a 60 foot oak tree fall on one of my employees and we would never want that to happen again.  We have removed several very large trees as you can tell from the pictures below this winter including two oaks and 1 cherry from the left side of number 6.  This doesn’t change the look from the tee of the hole but it does look very bare when you get further down on the hole.  We will be planting at least one tree to block 2 tee from errant tee shots on number 6 and maybe another to keep the area from being so bare and looking out of place with the rest of the hole.  Along with those trees we have been removing other dead trees around the course so we can avoid any more issues in the future.  We have also been working in the native areas clearing out dead trees both for aesthetic reasons but also so we can have access to drainage  and drainage creeks which run through these areas.  We are about 75 percent finished with the project and are looking forward to some good weather to finish the last bit of tree work!!