The Irrigation Well Project has begun and we are really excited about the addition to the irrigation system.  We are drilling two different wells.  One will be a 10″ well and the other will be a 12″ well.  The 10″ well is what is pictured below since that is the one being drilled and tested at this time.  The first pictures you see are the actual drilling of the 10″well which is a long process that involves the drill rig slowly drilling and placing the spoils off to the side.  During the drilling process you will see them taking samples as the drilling is going on to sample the soils as they get further down.  This tells you what type of screen you need down in the well along with telling you every other detail of whats down in the hole.  The next pictures your seeing is them grouting and sealing the well which is what they are using the mixing machine for.  The final pictures your seeing are of them test pumping the well and making sure we have the amounts of water we need for that well.  As you can see the amount of water coming out of the pipe into the drainage ditch is plenty of water and just what we need.  The 10″ well will be at a depth of 84′ and will be equipped with a 40 horsepower high efficiency pump.  Depending on the weather they will start drilling the 12″ well on Monday. I will keep writing postings throughout the whole project so everyone can see the project as it moves along.

Nick Nate

Golf Course Superintendent