The second phase of the well project is now complete and we are very excited to see it moving along so well!  The second phase consisted of form fitting the pumps to match the specifications we need in our wells.  The pumps were then brought in and placed into the wells with a crane.  They are now ready to pump water for us as soon as we run the pipe from the wells to the pump house.  We will be doing the piping in house with myself and my crew.  By doing that we are able to save quite a bit of money as well as the ability to have our hands in the project.  In the pictures below you will see them loading the shafts and pumps into the wells and the final picture of both the wells together.  The closest well in the picture is the 12 inch well and the other is the 10 inch well.  This is located to the left of number 10 so if anyone would like to see the new setup we have I would encourage you to stop by.

image image image image image image image