Since I have been at SBCC we have removed a lot of trees and there are many reasons for this and I want to explain some of them in this post. The main reason for tree removal is safety because when I arrived we had a lot of dead trees. Some of this was due to many years of lack of proper tree care but most of this was due to a herbicide that was sprayed on the course in 2011 which was later found out to kill trees. Most of the golf course industry used this product as it was a great product for weeds but unfortunately it was not good for a lot of the trees on our property. When a tree is dead it can be very dangerous to golfers and anyone else on the course because it can lose limbs at any time and cause serious injury or death. Due to this we try and be as proactive as we can with the removal of dead trees.

The second reason we remove trees is for playability of the golf course because over time many trees were planted in the wrong spots because when people plant trees they rarely think about what it will look like after 20 or 30 years. Some of these have been the most controversial among the membership since I have been here and I hope everyone ultimately realizes I don’t hate trees. Quite the opposite actually I love trees but that is dependent on when they are in the right spots.

The third reason for tree removal is due to turf health on the golf course and this is a very important one for me because the golf course is our entity and turf health is #1 priority. Trees can be a big problem for golf courses from the turf health side due to lack of sunlight and how bad the roots impede everything we do. Below is a link to an article that the USGA published last year that describes a lot of the issues with trees as well. My door is always open to discuss anything especially the tree issue so please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Nick Nate

Golf Course Superintendent