As usual we are doing projects to help the course in the offseason and that always consists of a tree project as it is such as big part of the golf course. This year we removed a lot more trees but they were mostly off the course.

The first part of the project this season was removing the trees around the edge of the range. This was for multiple reasons but the main reason was to access the creek so it can be dredged and we can drain the range properly. The second reason was to prevent the loss of so many golf balls into the trees and brush. The final reason was to make the range look aesthetically better due to the edge of the range hardly ever being maintained because of the overgrowth of trees. Overall we cut 200-300 smaller size trees and 20 or 30 decent sized trees. We still have to do a lot of work to do in the area but we are making progress on the frost days as it is out of play and won’t affect any member activities. Below are a few pictures of the range project.


The second part of the project was to eliminate any dead or dying trees on the course for safety reasons. This consisted of the ash on the left of #2, many dead trees on the left of #18 in the wetland area, and many more around the course that were a safety hazard.

Finally the third part of the project that we look for every year which is defining the trees that are weeds on our property for various reasons. A tree can be a weed when it is unwanted or in a spot that effects play or just doesn’t belong there to begin with. In this case this year some of the trees that were in this category were the willows on #13, and both the trees blocking the shots to the green from the fairway on #1 and #11. Below is a picture of #1 with the tree removed .