Unfortunately a few weeks ago we had a tree that randomly fell and hit one of my employees. She is ok but it could have been much worse. She was washing her equipment off at the wash pad and the tree fell. It was so rotted out it didn’t need any wind to help it as it was calm as could be out. This particular tree appeared to be very healthy but on the inside it was completely hollow. The branches of the tree came down with a lot of force and hit her in the head and arms and then proceeded to crush the front of the cart she had sitting there with her. She was then taken to the hospital and we are so happy that everything is ok. Thanks to everyone who has asked about her after the incident. We were just glad that she was ok.

This has forced me to take a closer look at our tree situation and look even closer than I normally do so that we can prevent this from ever happening again. Over the next few weeks although it is not optimal timing we will be doing some tree work to prevent incidents like this. This includes other trees of concern along with a few hangers that have developed around the property. If anyone every has any concerns or comments about any trees let me know but I want to assure everyone I will do everything I can to prevent this from happening again.

Nick Nate

Golf Course Superintendent