Throughout each season we have a lot of areas which we string trim to keep the course aesthetically pleasing for all who play and sometimes its hard from a labor standpoint to do so. Because of this I purchased a Goat 22 remote control mower on tracks which will be a huge time saver for us along with giving us the flexibility to do things we couldn’t normally do.

In the spring each year we have many areas we can’t mow for a while due to how wet they are and this mower gives us the versatility to mow over those wet areas that we would normally get stuck in with other types of mowers because of the tracks it sits on. Along with that we can also mow the steep hills on the exit hill, #3 tee and #15 tee with this machine instead of spending the labor of multiple people for multiple days string trimming those areas. This mower also has the ability to cut through cat tails so we may try some other things at some point but for now we are sticking to what we know works.

I’m always looking for ways to improve the golf course and this is one of those items which will free up people to do other tasks around the golf course and make everything better here at SBCC!! As always if anyone has any questions for me just let me know.

Nick Nate

Golf Course Superintendent