First of all I want to thank everyone for the patience you have had with us this year while we were getting the range in useable condition.  I know it was an inconvenience but now we have a great range to show for it!  We will have it open this Saturday and we are very excited about it!  The grass has come in well but we will keep working on it through out the year until it is where we want it.  The new chipping green will be seeded early this week and that will be ready as soon as we are able to get it playable.  One of the things I would ask of all of you this year is to use the linear method which is of least disturbance to the range tee for taking divots.  The picture below shows which way is best for us both for range space as well as recovery for the grass.  We will also have that posted up in pro shop and at the range tee.  Thanks!!


Nick Nate

Golf Course Superintendent