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Feb 2014 019


The most common question during the winter for golf course grounds employees is what do you do during the winter months.  I thought I would let you all know a few of the major things we do in preparation for the summer.  Every piece of equipment is brought into the main shop and gone through mechanically so that it’s up to date with regular service, as well as if any major items need repaired before we start the year.  For this we have Larry Verhostra who has been with the club for over 15 years and does a fantastic job.  Along with the mechanical stuff we also go through and do repairs and painting if necessary on everything from benches to birdhouses. For over 4 years the Assistant Superintendent Jon Oppenheim has been the one taking care of all of that along with the duties of plowing snow and various other jobs at the club.  We are very lucky to have both Jon and Larry as employees.  With all of these items we are able to stay plenty busy throughout the cold of the winter.

Nick Nate
Golf Course Superintendent