Throughout the winter we service every machine in our fleet which is a lot more than most people think we have.   We have over fifty pieces of equipment that we use during the year and going into each season we need everything to be in great shape so that we can depend on it day in and day out.  Each winter the fluids and filters are all changed as well as any body work or welding that needs to be done.  By keeping up on the preventative maintenance we are able to assure we can trust each and every machine.  Along with the normal maintenance, all of the blades and reels are all sharpened with the grinders so that they are ready for the year.  This is a precise job and requires the reels to be in perfect cutting order so that we know we are geting the cut we need for aesthetics as well as ball roll.  This is all a very timely process that entails tearing down and rebuilding a lot of equipment.  Larry is the mechanic we have that does all of this and he is very good at his job.  Without him it would be very hard to keep the equipment as good as it is.  Below are some pictures in and around the shop of some of the equipment and setups we have to work on the equipment.

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