We have a lot of great things going on at the club and we are making it even better this year with some more improvements.  The first project I want to talk about is the next phase of the Better Billy Bunker that we are working on right now.  The bunkers being renovated in this phase is the back right bunker on #2, the back bunker and the right side green bunker on #10, all of #15 and all of #18.  The plan is to have this project completed by the end of April.


We are also working on some projects to make the practice areas better as we have a lot of members who enjoy working on their games.  The first addition will be a range tee on the practice hole to give some more options for you all to practice short irons and wedges.  This will also help us during the busy months and when we have bigger tournaments so that we have more tee space to use.  We also added a 7th green on the back of the range for people to hit towards.  All of the green flags moving forward will be color coded with yardages and those will be on a yardage board every day on the range tee for people to see.

We are always working on drainage projects that will help us drain the course and in turn make the course more playable during wet conditions.  This offseason we added 200 feet of drainage in the valley on #7 which will create more storage space for water and helps us drain that area which has historically been very wet when it rains.  We will also be adding some drainage pipe and basins on #3 and #17.  Finally we are also going to be doing a major pump pit project on #18 which is going to improve the efficiency and capacity of our pumping on the low holes and we all know how important that is at SBCC.


As always if anyone has any questions on this or anything else please feel free to contact me.


Nick Nate

Golf Course Superintendent