This is the time of the year that we receive the shipments of chemical for the year ahead.  These orders are placed the year prior in October because by doing that we save anywhere from 5-10% which makes a big difference when your ordering big amounts of chemical and fertilizer.  I plan out the entire year ahead in the fall of the previous year and know exactly what I’m going to spray preventatively.  If we need any curative applications throughout the year I buy some extra product to take care of that or if I need to buy something in an urgent matter I can.  In the first two pictures below this is one delivery of mostly fertilizers for the course.  When we receive a delivery in we check everything into inventory and mark the date received on the jug itself so we know which products are older than others and when it was received.  The last three pictures are of the chemical room, which is about 75% of the product that will be applied to the golf course this season.  There is a lot that goes into keeping the course in great shape and if anyone ever has any questions regarding this please don’t hesitate to ask.