Starting today we are going to start placing the rakes half in and half out of the bunkers.  The reason the committee decided to do this is because the rakes have been interfering with peoples golf balls in the bunkers and giving them unfair lies or penalties.  This is a long standing debate at most clubs in the world and this is one of the options some courses have switched to because it seems to solve most of the problems.  Below is a picture of where we would like to see them placed.  The premise is to have the handle outside the bunker and the rake head on the sand.  By doing this the amount of actual rake that is touching the sand is minimal.  The other key to this method is to place the rake parallel to the play of the hole so it flows with the hole and not cross ways which could stop a ball in a bad spot.  After a while we will evaluate this and see what we think and if it has helped the situation.  If anybody has any questions or comments about the issue just feel free to contact me.  Thanks!!

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