This past Monday we both deep tined the greens and solid tined the greens and everything went as planned.  We had a little rain in the morning that slowed the process a little bit but after that it was smooth sailing.  In past years we have deep tined the greens as well as pulled cores.  Because our soil structure is in a good place we didn’t need to do both this year.  The deep tinning is necessary because it provides a nice avenue for roots to reach deep into the root-zone. This process will also loosen any potential compaction allowing for better water infiltration.  Once we finished the deep tinning we used our walk aerifier to solid tine the greens on the top two inches for more relief because it was such a tough year for the poa roots.  Once we finished aerifying we then used push brooms to push sand on the greens and filled the holes in.  By Wednesday the greens were smooth enough to play on and within a few weeks you will not even see holes anymore.  I appreciate your patience with this, as I know it’s an inconvenience for you but it makes a huge difference from the agronomic side of things.



Nick Nate

Golf Course Superintendent