Well a whole year has gone by and it is nice to say we are finished digging out and expanding the pond. The only part we have left to finish is touching up the edges of the bank in a few spots so we are able to finish the area and grass everything around the pond.

We will be sodding the edge of the pond and some other spots but mostly we will be seeding these areas. We did unfortunately have to destroy a path that goes in front of #3 fairway and over into #18 right around the fairway. This whole path will be smoothed out and seeded as well but we need to wait for the ground to un freeze and things to dry out a bit before we start that part of the project. To start the season these spots will be all Ground Under Repair and will be marked accordingly. We couldn’t have done this project without Don’t Ritschard and his team. Huge thanks to them!! Below are some pictures of the project and if anyone has any questions on this please don’t hesitate to contact me.