2017 was a great year for SBCC.  We were able to accomplish many projects and improve the overall condition of the golf course.  Below is a list of the projects we accomplished on the golf course which all helped the goal of SBCC.

1)We removed 110 trees that were dead along with others that were affecting course conditions.

2) We grassed out of play areas to give the course a better aesthetic view when looking out over the golf course.

3)We added 1500 feet of drainage throughout the golf course which improved water movement immensely which on this property is always a good thing!!

4) We were able to get some new equipment which helped us be more productive on the golf course and help us accomplish the ultimate goal of providing a golf course up to the standards of SBCC.

5)  We put a brand new roof on the maintenance building which has helped us a great deal.

We also dealt with many challenges throughout the year but we overcame them like we always do

All of these items together are a big deal as we keep moving forward at South Bend Country Club and keep improving the golf course year by year.  I look forward to another great year next year and I hop everyone has a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

Nick Nate

Golf Course Superintendent